My Purple Obsession (2): Reviews

In the last post I talked about my love for purple lipsticks, and lip colors in general. So, here are the 7 purple lipsticks that I own in order of purchase. (Except for my beloved childhood friend, because I still don’t know what it’s called.)

From top to bottom: Hema, Collistar, Nyx Liquid Suede, Kiko, NYC (with ‘blurred’ right side), Nyx Soft Matte Lipcream, Maybelline


– HEMA‘s Soft Matt lipbalm in 09: This is a plum. The application can be a little patchy, but this can be fixed by layering. Not very long-lasting, but it fades pretty. It’s a balm, so it’s soft. And it smells sweet, a little like berries! I use this very often, it’s a perfect fall color.

– COLLISTAR‘s Rossetto Puro in N.60 Glicine: This is a bit more of a ‘high-end’ product. The color is a pinkish violet with a golden undertone. I almost forgot to put this on my list, because I don’t use this now, and I didn’t use it much when I first bought it either. My mom loves it, though! While the product itself is great–it does exactly what you expect of any regular lipstick–I never liked the golden undertone. I had bought it initially because I wanted a purple for spring, but for me the gold is too prominent.

– NYX‘s Liquid Suede in 20 Oh, put it on: This was my first liquid lipstick, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! This one is a blackish purple, and in the dark it probably looks black. But it’s not, I know the truth! I love the applicator, I love the formula, it stays on all night. This one does transfer a little, but I heard (via youtube vloggers) that it’s only this particular color in the Suedes line that transfers. (Nyx recently came out with Metallic Suedes, they’re supposed to be matte with some shimmer! I want it!)

– KIKO‘s Crystal Sheer Lipstick in 419: This is exaclty what the name says it is. It’s lipstick, it’s sheer, it sparkles. Everything a gloss should do, but in lipstick form, which means it wears a little longer. And I prefer the feeling of lipstick on my lips, as opposed to lip glossBuying this I should have read the label, or at least swatched it. But I was in Germany, my mom was waiting for me outside, and I was overwhelmed by the beautiful purple. Thus, I bought this thinking it would be opaque, that was a bit of a letdown. While it’s not an out-there color, I still love it because it’s different. Not many people wear a purple gloss.

– NYC‘s City Proof Matte long lasting blur lip color in 402 Central Park Plum: Now this is a mouthful. It’s red-leaning plum color. When I saw this in the drug store, I was like ‘blur? huh?’ Yeah, this has a thicker lip pencil on the one end, and a sponge on the other end. You’re supposed apply it close to the opening of your mouth, and then smudge it outwards for an ombre effect. What I do? I either use it as lip liner, or I use it all over my lips and then smudge a little for a muted effect. It’s great if you want the color, but you don’t want it on full blast. Tip: clean the sponge regularly, or the sponge will transfer product back on your face where it doesn’t belong.

– NYX‘s soft matte lip cream in 26 Havana: A lip cream that stays on longer than expected. It takes a few tries to figure out the perfect application. The sales person said from the corners of the lips to the middle, and I do that, sort of, but it feels weird. So most of the time I start that way, but end up doing it however the hell I want to do it. This would have been the perfect purple if it had been more violet, but it’s still a gorgeous color. I haven’t worn this often, because I’m not used to this kind of vibrancy. And because the application is a little harder, I don’t want to put it on when I leave the house for a long period of time, or when I plan on eating something, because I don’t think I could re-apply it on-the-go.

– Maybelline‘s Vivid Matte Liquid in 43 Vivid Violet: This is a line that Maybelline extended, because there didn’t used to be a purple, and I saw in the drugstore that they also added Lacquer’s in this formula, as opposed to this Matte one. Or well, it’s supposed to be, but it is not matte. It has a satin look when it dries down, but there is still some shine to it. Also, it’s a little patchy and needs multiple layers for it to be opaque. I bought this thinking it would be more violet than the previous one by Nyx, but the color is only a shade lighter. I can make it work if I use less product, and thus make it less opaque, but still, I shouldn’t have to do this to get the desired effect. These are slightly scented, and they have a taste. I don’t dislike it, but I prefer my make-up to have no scent and no taste.

Nevertheless, my search continues… (I saw Lush had lipsticks and they have a purple too! But it’s not available in stores, and the shipping online is hella expensive, so that’s nope.)


Beauty and the Beast Review

Spoiler-free, if you kept up with the publicity before it was released (>> Lefou)


I finally found my way to the live action version of Beauty and the Beast!! It took me a while to get to it. I must say that I wasn’t super looking forward to it. Remakes are hard to pull off. I didn’t want to be disappointed in one of my favorite Disney films. I steered clear and let the hype die, because I felt the need to form my own thoughts on this movie. When it was first released, I was pulled in so many directions, that I had to leave the scene and forget about it.

Did I go into it with a clear head? Of course not. I can’t rid myself of the love I have for Belle, Chip, Lumière, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts, and lastly, the Beast (although my child-self was scared of him at first, and thought he was too pretty in the end). There was also the past animations turned live-actions to consider; I myself LOVED Maleficent, but thought Cinderella was a huge letdown. And Alice in Wonderland had the best luck because it was directed by Tim Burton who did a very nice job mirroring the oddly beautiful world of Lewis Carroll. That’s why going in, I had the lowest of expectations.

Actually, I had prepared for not liking it. The very first moment I heard Emma Watson sing was a … well… I don’t really know what my exact thoughts were. I just knew that I didn’t like the digital distortions and auto-tuning that was going on. It was especially notable, because hers was the only voice being so very ‘enhanced/improved’ (—-I’m not really sure what word to use here). And so, my question is, was her voice really that bad that it needed so many embellishments?  If so, why not cast someone who can actually sing? If I had the choice between watching a musical with either an unfamiliar leading lady with a great voice, or with a famous actress whose voice had digital improvements, I would without a doubt pick the former. Maybe that’s just my personal preference, and the regular audience doesn’t pick up on these musical enhancements, but I do, and I don’t like it. I do have to add: it’s not that Emma Watson can’t sing or has a bad voice–she was actually good as a not-singing Belle. It’s just that the rest of the cast had GREAT voices, so hers felt a little out of place to me.

Thus, I was not liking this film.

Imagine my surprise when 30 minutes later, I was smiling and singing along with the songs and tearing up at the memories it brought along for me. I JUST LOVE THIS FILM SO FUCKING MUCH. And I must say that it was a good watch. Was it as good as the animation? No. Did I enjoy watching it? HELL YES!! They could not ruin this film, and they didn’t. It was exactly the same, and I loved that they made Belle a feminist fighting to make her own choices more so than she already did in the original. I was really moved: Beast’s song made me cry, and the ending had me bawling.

One last thing I have to mention. Lefou is gay. The subtext was adamantly clear. But I do not consider this as the revolutionary first openly gay character in a Disney film ever (as Disney would have you believe). The fact that Lefou is attracted to guys was never explicitly mentioned within canon. It’s all fun and games when Disney tells the press that Lefou is gay, but this helps no one when The Straights™ point to the film and say there’s nothing going on. If it isn’t mentioned in the film it gives them deniability, even though it’s obvioussome people can still claim they don’t see it. So no Disney, this is not good LGBTQA+ representation, and I will side-eye you until you give us what we deserve!

Final judgement: I recommend it, but don’t do it for anything other than liking the source material, and don’t expect it to be perfect.


All Hail American Gods

Spoiler-ish? Nothing hardcore. This is a little messy, might fine tune it later, but I wanted to get it out today.

Monday May 1st 2017, the various stages of enlightenment:

  1. Oh my God, can you believe American Gods aired last night. It’s here! It’s finally here. I’ve got to watch this asap. Leave me alone!! I’m watching American Gods!! Check back in an hour!!!
  2. The opening credits hyped me the fuck up, I could watch them forever!
  3. *completely and utterly captivated by the episode*
  4. MINDBLOWN Holy fucking shit!! This is it!! This is what we’ve been waiting for!! Holy fuck, it’s better than expected!! I need to see this again!! Lord almighty, praise Odin!!
  5. I’ve got to review this shit! Let’s get a second season!!! This is fucking epic!! Where has this been all my life!!

So, let’s strike the iron while it’s still hot. American Gods. Oh Lord, our savior, thank you for this gift. This review will in no way be an exaggeration. Well, maybe a little. I can just tell this tv series will be my next obsession. Seriously, don’t know what else to tell you, I was blown away. If you haven’t seen it, check it out, right now! Or you could finish reading this review first.

First off, this show is Graphic (see how I capitalized and emboldened it??). Blood and gore everywhere, it doesn’t shy away from extravagant sex scenes. If you read the source material by Neil Gaiman, you know what I am talking about. The scene on the beach, especially, reminded me of the fights in Game of Thrones and Spartacus. Also, trigger warning: nooses are a motief in this first episode and there is an actual hanging. Apart from the drenching bloodshed, I like the cinematography in general. The visual effects are incredible as well, like the wall crumbling down or Shadow’s dreams about the tree! I have no chill. I also want to congratulate everyone in production design, especially the people who designed the sets, the background colors enrich Ricky’s brown skin beautifully, which is not always a given.

Can we talk about the sound and music?? It’s so on point, it enhances the scene without monopolizing the viewer’s attention. Whoever those sound guys are, they did a kickass job, for real impressed! (I looked up some names: Brian Reitzell, Brad North, Judah Getz, … hats off to you!). The part after Shadow found out about …[spoiler], and he walks out of the prison, the anxious sounds gave me chills. It’s as if the sound people were hooked into Shadow’s nervous system and they knew which exact instrument and pitch to use for every feeling.

About the cast, my love for Ricky Whittle surges from a well with an endless supply. He was the one that made me run to the bookstore buying American Gods, when I got wind of him playing the lead. I would follow him everywhere. He’s such a charming loveable goofball–I know I don’t actually know him, but from Periscope and Cast interviews and Instagram, I can feel that he’s a sunshine walking this earth, and I believe that he would give the best all-encompassing bear hugs. I love him in this role! I love Shadow Moon! I didn’t have one flashback to Lincoln from The 100, so I know his acting is flawless! The emotions he portrays with the muscles in his face, his eyes, his veins, he’s in complete control of his body. His physique?? Dear Lord, I die.

Jonathan Tucker as Low Key Lyesmith! A sneaky little bastard, perfect for this role. Though I’m not sure at this point if he’ll get lots of screen time, but… this character, man, I’m going to have such a big love/hate relationship with him.

Meet Yetide Badaki as Bilquis, a woman of earth-shattering beauty, both on and off-screen. The scene plays out exactly as I expected it would, but she only has the one in the books, and she’s a main cast member in the series, so I look forward to seeing her character grow/fall??? What will it be?? It’s a coin toss where all players have tricks up their sleeves.

Worthy mentions: Ian McShane as the magnanimous Mr Wednesday does an amazing job! Pablo Schreiber as Mad Sweeney, here again the perfect casting. We haven’t seen much of Bruce Langley’s Technical Boy, but that is another thing to look forward to. The scenes with Emily Browning as Laura Moon have been pretty good!

Can you believe I have no bad things to say about this show???

To all haters, criticizing this show for its lack of clear plot line or direction? THIS IS THE INTENTION! If you don’t like being swept up in a daydream/nightmare, going from one point to another, forgetting where the beginning or even the end is, then this show is not for you. Don’t down rate it unfairly (1/10), because you can’t handle the continuous displacement.


EDIT: American Gods was renewed for a second seasion!!! WHOOP WHOOP

Iron Fist: The Weakest Link?

The new netflix series, Marvel’s Iron Fist, has been out for a few days, and as a diehard fan of the previous three heroes set up to become The Defenders, I spent the last weekend bingewatching the new episodes. There was no choice.

First, Iron Fist coming out last Friday went past me completely. Only the day after, by seeing a post on Tumblr, did I realize I had forgotten about it. Surprisingly or not, my dashboard wasn’t filled with posts of the new series. I remember when Daredevil, Jessica Jones, or Luke Cage had come out; I had to make sure those tags were blocked, otherwise spoilers would come through left and right. This wasn’t the case with Iron Fist, there were maybe one or two people in my feed talking about the new show, but it’s safe to say that Iron Fist didn’t blow up like the other three did.

Part of the reason that it didn’t catch on (as fast? — maybe it’s taking slower) was because of the criticism it received beforehand, something I will address later on. The other part? It’s just not as good as the previous ones. The narrative is interesting, but not compelling. It felt second rate, which is not something I’m used to from netflix original series. They’re usually so on point about every single detail, but it wasn’t the case here. I went through the series fast, but without emotion, I didn’t feel close to any of the characters and it lacked depth. As you know, Matt is a blind lawyer, Jessica is a female P.I., Luke is a Black escaped convict. Danny Rand? He’s a rich white boy, who was missing, then came back with magical powers, and is now on the path to avenge the death of his parents. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Where Daredevil, Jessica Jones, ajoywardnd Luke Cage are gritty, thought-provoking, and challenging society. Iron Fist is bland. It addresses corporate fraud, embezzlement, and how little multinationals care about the little guy, but these social issues don’t carry as big a punch as, for example, sexual assault, racism, or ableism do. Therefore, it doesn’t have the same emotional impact. This was a mistake made by the people behind the scenes. Did they overlook this fact, or did they ignore it? Did a glowing fist sound that cool, that they just had to tell this story? They could have easily fixed this by writing Danny Rand as a minority, or by adding something that gave him more depth.

Which brings me to the widespread criticism Iron Fist has received for its blatant racism. I don’t think it would have been that hard to portray Danny as biracial with a Chinese heritage. And it would have made the story that more captivating. Imagine his dad, a (biracial) Chinese American man trying to make it in a white business world, and succeeding! Also, him refusing to work with the Hand, while his greedy white partner does, behind his back? I just wrote this idea up in less than a minute, it’s not hard??!! I can hear you saying, but the original story? Yeah, yeah, the original story was written decades ago with no respect for immigrant culture, aimed at white America. This series was written for a global audience, in a multicultural society, and frankly, tdannyhe writers and producers should have known better. Perpetuating racism, and hiding behind the primary source material, does not make you less complicit in that same racism and cultural appropriation. It makes you ignorant and uncaring about racial issues, especially when you’re making money off them.

Finally, I would like to mention the parts of the series that I did like. If you’re able to overlook the racism and keep watching, it does get better by the 8th or 9th episode. There are a couple of twists in the end that surprised me. Moreover, the brightest light in this series (and all the other series to be honest) is Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple. You can decide to only watch it for her,colleen she has some pretty amazing scenes. Furthermore, the relationship between brother and sister, Ward and Joy Meachum, caught me by surprise. I wasn’t aware that episode by episode these two characters had snuck into my heart and broke it by the final scene. The last character I fell for was Colleen Wing, she’s a badass with a lot of depth, and a very good arc; but they did her so wrong pairing her with Danny, especially how their relationship started and progressed.

We’ve reached the end of my review, that turned out longer than I had planned for. Oh well. I would recommend watching it critically, especially if you’re planning on watching the Defenders that is scheduled to release mid-2017. Because I’m sure that if you don’t, you won’t have key information needed for the next instalment. Especially, since they don’t have much time for exposition and character background with only 8 episodes. All in all, Iron Fist is a good series, but when you’re coming down from Luke Cage, this one just doesn’t hit the same sweet spot.